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Write Me A Poem

Updated: Feb 6, 2020

I’ll write you a poem

And dig deep in

To the depths of soul

Find rhyme to reason

Like light in a hole

I crawl in caverns

In blind blackness pat

Moist dirt surrounds

My desperate body

Head protrudes outward

As my fingers cling

Releasing vocals

I speak out a word

It reverbs and fades

I click on the light

Fastened to my head

Then I realize,

The space my voice filled

Corners light reveals



Glistening towers

Amber hues infused

In virgin sculptures

Crafted by divine

Fingers forming art

Just below our toes

I gaze at glory

An almost unfound

Treasure below ground

I came up and wrote

This poem for you to

Unveil underworlds

Expose expanses

Shine secrets of soul


Write me a poem

Show me what you see

For if you do not

The gems of earth

May never be free

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