About Me

Hi! My full name is Victoria Monet Aguas, but in the writing world, I go by Victoria Monet (my first and middle name)...because I feel like it best captures me as an artist and creative.


Most of my time is spent chasing my toddler around and making sure he doesn't hurt himself. I am also (somehow?) simultaneously at seminary studying to be a Master in Christian Education and a Master in Media Arts and Worship. Those are fancy ways to say, I study bible, theology,

bible teaching, women's ministry, the intersection of art and theology, and creative theological writing. But yes, the degree titles are a much more concise way to say all of that. 

I'm originally from Georgetown, Texas, moved to Lubbock, Texas to study journalism at Texas Tech where I met my husband, and moved to Dallas to study at Dallas Theological Seminary. My husband, Josh, and our dog, George, have now called Dallas home for over four years, and in May 2019, we had our first child, Ezekiel. 

I came to seminary with a passion to study and teach the Word. I planned to partner with my husband (who's now a college pastor) in ministry, but I wasn't sure what I wanted to do beyond that.  Through my time in seminary, I've learned more than a few things about myself, but I'll keep it to three here. For one, I'm much more of a relational and feeler type than I thought I was, and I really enjoy pastoring people in a one-on-one and small group context. Two, I am passionate about advocating for women, and seeing them grow theologically, biblically, relationally, and in their God-given gifts. Three, I love writing poetry. Since I was a little girl, the creative arts have been a way that I've naturally expressed myself, and I've found that it's also a way I connect with God. I've learned that poetry is a way I can show others the deeper currents in life that point to the trinitarian God. 

Theology Reflected is the intersection and culmination of my interests and what I want to share with others in the form of writing. You'll see lots of poetry, posts related to women's topics, theological reflections on culture and experiences, and other biblically and theologically-related topical articles. All of it boils down to this: How do we see God in all of it? In our little, ordinary, daily experiences and wrestlings with different topics, how is God's beauty revealed? 

Thank you for joining me on this journey as we seek to God in the little and ordinary! 

- Victoria Monet

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