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Letters to My Son #1: Find My Hand Upon Your Back

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

Love is in the morning

When you wake up and smile at me

Love is in the morning

When you wake up early crying

Love is going slow

As we walk in the sunny garden

Love is going fast,

Rushing to get dinner started

Sometimes love is clean,

You put your shoes up by the door

Sometimes love is messy,

Black beans all over the floor

Sometimes love is quiet,

And we need no words at all

Sometimes love is loud,

Running, yelling, bouncing balls

Love is when we play together

Happy as can be

Love is when I say “I’m sorry”

‘Cause mommy can get angry

Love is drawing near

And hiding you from the world

Love is letting go

And teaching you to learn

Sometimes love can hurt,

Or make you feel like you’re flying

Love is fierce and dangerous,

The greatest Lion of lions

Love is never easy,

And it always asks for risk

But there’s safety in the dark

With a goodnight’s kiss

Look at the stars, my son

I have that many reasons

Find my hand upon your back

In every single season

A note about this poem: I started writing this when my son was 19 months old, inspired by one of the books we read together "Love, I love you all the time" by Emma Dodd.

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