• Victoria Monet

Why I Write #1

I write to survive

Porcelain plates hitting tile floors

And screams so loud

You can’t drown them out

With earphones

I write to hide

A little lamp inside

My bedroom fort,

A hobbit hole

Draped with sheets and blankets,

Spring breeze bustling through,

A sunshine kiss on my cheek,

Bare feet strolling through soft grass

I write to defy

Shadows lurking behind,

Turn around

Give them the middle finger

Watch them run and hide

When the tip of my pen

Touches the paper

I write to come alive

From my restless heart searching

For something, someone,

Somewhere my face feels spring

And I can’t hear their screams

And I don’t have to check behind my shoulder

I just walk

with bare feet

in the soft grass

a sunshine kiss on my cheek

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