• Victoria Monet

A Holy Silence




Holy silence

Echoes in the cathedral

Of my soul

Whispers speak

Things unseen

Hot coal upon my lips

A familiar touch

Lingers in my ribs

Caged and singing

Holy, holy, holy

Is the Lord God Almighty

The whole earth is

Full of his glory





A note about this poem: I've always found that the practice of silence helps connect me with God—whether it's going on a silent retreat, taking 10 minutes throughout the day to quiet my mind, or spending an hour in a green space or next to a body of water to sit before the Lord. The world is filled with constant noise and motion, and I need stillness to notice the presence of God's Spirit with me. The people who I have the most intimate relationships with are the ones who I can sit with and not say anything at all. It's a testimony to the closeness of our relationship, and it's a practice that helps me grow even closer with them. I consider these quiet, still moments "holy silences," and I hope this poem helps usher you into a space where you can have your own holy silence with the Lord and with others.

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